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Project Description

Address: Aughton Chase, Springfield Road, Aughton, Lancs, L39 6ST

Project: This was a very difficult project due to the location of site within the Green Belt and this site is not included within the Local Plan, also part of the site had recent previous Planning Refusals. The project was for the erection of 10No detached dwelling houses with garages following demolition of show centre, redundant barn and vacant dwelling house, including alterations to existing access roads.

PSA Services: We worked closely with West Lancashire Planners and Environmental Agency concerning the Openness Policy and Flood Risk, respectively. Design of 10No. dwellings and site plan layout, Planning and Building Regulations.

Comments: There had been 2 previous Planning Refusals and Planning Appeal Dismissals on this site so for us to succeed in obtaining Planning Approval for our Client gave us an added satisfaction. This project is soon to be completed on site.